Unimportant but useful print preview enhancement

I've been printing parts and embedding magnets in them (https://tomhorsley.com/hardware/corexy/gallery-mag.html) lately and using the preview after slicing in one layer at a time mode to to find which layer starts printing across the hole. The gcode generated by slicr3 doesn't mention layers, it only has the G1 Znnnn movement commands and the RH preview mode only mentions layer numbers. It would save me from doing my arithmetic wrong if the preview also mentioned the Z height on the screen.


  • Not sure if we know that. But do you know that the layer slider where you visually select the range has a button to jump to the source where layer starts? There you see the Z height directly a few lines higher. That way you are also at the correct gcode part.

    If you need to jump to a known z height just search for Z<height>
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