Random Spool Plastic Spool Unload

Hello everyone,

 I have a 3d printer with two extruder jets. While printing some test parts, the repetier window freezes randomly without any intended pause, hence stopping the extruder movement in the x and y direction. After that the spool is beeing unloaded violently and I have to press the emergency button. However, once I press the button, the extruder movement is stopped but the printing timer continous to run without any care.

Any idea what could be troubling my software?

I am using only the newest repetier host version with usb cable. Turned off wifi before in order to prevent windows updates from restarting the laptop. I checked the log and no error messages. Nothing is clogged or jammed.

Best regard



  • First I would suggest installing  Repetier-Server and print using that. Host has a connector for this so it can be used later like in host. Big advantage is that it does not depend on hosts window updates, so if these stall due to some reason, print will continue in the background. You can even close host during print.

    When you say you press emergency button - is that at printer or the one on host? With absolute positioning if host does not register it, it will send next move of E but due to reset E starts with 0. Something like that can happen if reset is not detected. So main problem is reset not detected.
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