Problems with WEBCAMS - ip cameras

I'm having trouble adding webcams to the program.
I bought repetier pro yesterday and i have no webcam options on my local server control, do i need to do something in order to add the option, or is this a bugg?

I tried to follow repetier's guide but couldn't even connect the camera.

Is there a way of adding Xiaomi security cameras to the programm? As i like to use them from my phone.

Thanks for the help


  • You nee to add it to printer configuration->webcams. Add a new webcam and enter the url to get mjpg stream and jpg image. These differ between solutions so I can not say what it is for you. Try right click on img/mjpg stream when you see it from native webpage and select copy url address and paste it in other browser window for testing. We really need the image url not the webpage!

    If your webcam requires user/password you can include it in the url like

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