Issues with the print after resume button was pressed

Hello everyone,

I am facing a problem which can be described as followed:

I am printing some standardized continous fiber reinforced coupon specimen with PA6 as a matrix in order to generate some material properties via material testing.

Once in a while I need to clean the guide tube for the carbon roving during the print. Therefore I am pressing the pause button to get the cleaning job done. After I press the resume button, the carbonfiber layers are being printed normally as they should.

But once the job switches to the thermolastic extruder, the extruder jet rams onto the heating platform and starts extruding thermoplastic material nonstop. With this issue I am forced to press the emergency button and start the printing job again.

Therefore I would kindly ask you if there is a solution for this problem?

Best regards



  • From this I can not say or see what is happening. Please enable log and describe on which log line what is happening. On extruder switch e.g. T1 we assume to start with E0 in same extrusion mode as previous extruder (absolute or relative). Now the solution/reason is in the commands being send. So question 1 is which commands got send and second question is where do they come from. During a print we only send lines from the print and eventually query commands like M105/M117 which have no influence on print.

    If you print via  Repetier-Server you might have configured server to change output.

    Anyhow you need to make an easy example with the error and check commands, see which is causing the problem and then we need to see where it comes from.
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