Link to other instances of repetier server

One of the things that bothers me the most is having to open a new tab for each instance of Repetier server.

Could we add a menu or a configurable link to be able to switch between instances of Repetier Server within the same window?

Obviously the user knows the ip addresses of the instances and configures it previously.


  • I saw you already found  Repetier-Server Monitor which solves this. Instances do not need to know the other instances and they also do not know your login/passwords. Monitor stores these locally on your computer so it can do it. But in the future these will grow together, maybe by defining a master server knowing all others and providing logins to connected servers. Then it could provide similar functionality as monitor does now.
  • Not.
    I mean that many times I do not have Repetier Server Monitor, many times I use the Web interface since I control the printers from my cell phone because my PC is far from the printers.

    In that case, it is currently annoying to have multiple browser tabs and remember the IP address of each instance.
    A menu to jump between instances would be useful.
    Just a URL.
  • I know, but since servers do not know all the other servers he can not provide it. Also logins on these might differ. That is what extra information monitor has. As said it is a planned future feature to have a kind of master, but not yet possible.
  • In my case, the loggin is persistent even if I change instances...

    Once logged into an instance, it remains in the browser.

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