Creating Group for PrusaSlicer

Dear all, I have 3 printers connected to a Raspberry Pi4B and when I slice with PrusaSlicer, I click export and there is a group selection but it is empty. I have to go to Printer Settings/API settings and refresh printer list there and select the printer I want to use for this file from that window and save it. I checked Repetier Server and Printer settings on it but couldn't find anything about grouping. Is there a feature that I can create Printer groups on Repetier server and assign printers to those groups and select from Prusa Slicer Export window?

I hope I was able to explain my issue. Thank you in advance


  • You are talking about uploading to server inside repetier-host, right?
    These groups are not printer groups, but gcode groups. Every printer can have multiple groups to organice stored gcodes. You can also select new groups. Due to a bug in old host version you need  Repetier-Host 2.2.2 for the groups to work or you will upload to default group.
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