Repetier-Host on raspberry pi?

I already have repetier-server running on a raspberry pi, and I use my Windows PC to run repetier-host which remotely connects to the repetier-server. My goal is to get a 100% raspberry pi 3d printing solution. 

Can I install repetier-host on raspberry pi? If not, is there a path to 100% raspberry pi 3d printing? I currently use repetier-host as my slicer and g-code generator, and it has all my settings I like (as well as inserting some extra start/end g-codes).


  • Already figured it out. 'sudo apt-get install repetier-host' and 'sudo apt-get install slic3r'. I couldn't get the repetier-host to directly connect to the repetier-server like the Windows version does, but all I had to do was save the g-code files and then load it up using the repetier-server web server.
  • The debian repetier-host is quite outdated. Use the repetier-host from our homepage (tar not appimage). If you have a recent mono it should work, also it is not optimized for such a small computer. Future server version will have integrated slicer.
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