Send notification to IFTTT on job status

Hi everyone, I've figured out how to send a basic notification, this seems fairly straight forward.

Am I correct in assuming that there is no direct mechanism to add the value1, value2, value3 parameters to the request (IFTTT requires them posted in the body and there appears to be no way to do this in the server panels) and are there any variables that can be inserted such as "Job Name", "Status", etc...?

Thank you!


  • Actually as the web action editor says "URL and post data can contain parameter. $1 inserts first parameter 1:1, $$1 insert first parameter url escaped. Works only for @webAction calls!" you can add parameter if you use it as server command and not as button in a menu.

    But you are right, there are no variables at the moment that you can use. Currently the only way I see is parsing a firmware response or send command on your own, then use @1 in the @webAction command as parameter to inject the matched group. But it has limits as it can not handle things like job name.

    I will think about the problem. We already have an internal named data structure that I plan to make available at some point. Just what syntax to use, so I do not collide with other parsers. After all it would be a replacement in gcode and also question is when to resolve these variables. Naturally it would be at time of gcode injection.
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