desktop file creation error

Minor but annoying bug in linux version. This error comes out when the installation code runs Editing the 
repetier-RepetierHost.desktop file to remove the & on the end and re-running the create desktop script seems to work fine. (At least on ubuntu the icon which had disappeared from my favorites then reappears and functions correctly).
/usr/share/applications/repetier-RepetierHost.desktop: error: value "/usr/bin/mono /zooty/3d/RepetierHost/RepetierHost.exe -home /zooty/3d/RepetierHost&" for key "Exec" in group "Desktop Entry" contains a reserved character '&' outside of a quote
Error on file "repetier-RepetierHost.desktop": Failed to validate the created desktop file


  • Thanks. Could reproduce the problem and have fixed it for next 2.2.2 release.
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