During the print extruder changes filament flow direction

So just like i wrote at the title i have a problem, during a print at random moment my extruder changes direction of filament flow. Such situation happens only when i use Repetier Host, when i load file from SD Card everything works fine. I haven't noticed any communicate at Log sction, however i also have problem with line numbers just like this one https://forum.repetier.com/discussion/2043/line-number-is-not-last-line-number

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  • What does change flow direction mean? For one move for all following moves? Is this a reverse or just you are using absolute values and there are smaller E values?

    When line numbers do not match you are likely having some communication errors. How frequent are they? Normally the checksum prevents wrong gcode except when the * becomes a return some how. 
  • For example when printing of layer numer 50(as i said before layer numer is not important it happens randomly) begins filament is not going to the nozzle but in direction marked with red arrow 

    Here are my settings settings

    That's what i see after i load file to print (look at logs)
  • And that's what i see during the print (sorry i forgot about it and i didnt attached it to previous comment)
  • You did not say anything about the error frequency, but I have the feeling that the reverse move might have to do with this. Please try with ping-pong enabled in connection settings. Maybe you use more then the buffer can hold and ping-pong only sends one command at a time.
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