Multiple Raspberrys share the same Model Storage


is there a way that i can link an existing Model Directory from RPI A to a new RPI B.
Or can i provide a Model Directory from another Server e.g. Windows SMB Share?

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  • It depends what you mean. The gcodes for each printer are limited to the server they are running on since they were made for the special printer.

    The projects can be shared across multiple installations. You need to add the one holding them in Global Settings->Connectivity as alternative servers and select "Access stored projects". Only activate compute intensive operations if that device is faster. Then in projects you can select the server from where you want to access the project from and that one will appear if it is online.
  • Thanks for the quick reply.
    No I dont use the Projects feature, i directly upload my Cura sliced gcodes.
    I want a central store where to store my gcodes across multiple devices when i select "using gcodes from"
    is there no way to make a mount point across the network eg:

    on repetier 2 (dunno if the syntax is correct but i would figure out if you say this way may possible)
    After Ender_3 folder was created through the create printer wizard, so that is will be registered as local folder for other printers

    sudo mount -t nfs reptier1:/Ender_3 /var/lib/Repetier-Server/printer/Ender_3

    Same feature like sharing gcode between machines on one single computer, but across network.

  • You can share a folder on the same pc for the same server instance. But you can not share folders across devices. Server will not see the changes, counters and updates are not checked and this will result in severe Problems sooner or later.
  • ok thank you!
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