Addition to the Insert Filament function

Would it be possible to add a further option to the insert filament feature whereby after the fast and slow insert there is the possibility to do a retraction?  This would be helpful for people that don't want the filament completely in the nozzle after a filament change.  Among other things it would prevent oozing, and in dual extruder, single nozzle machines the filament generally has to be backed up a certain amount after insertion.
Alternatively, is this something that could be done with a script?  


  • There are already scripts for manual insert/remove handling that differs from the standard. Se Printer-Configuration->G-Codes->Event Dependent.

    Problem is that on different occasions you need it different. E.g. a runout of filament does not want the retract or you might miss extrusion at start. On the other side when going to continue position you might want it. Need to think about this.
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