temps default in mid print??

After slicing and starting a print (PLA  215/75C) I noticed after about 15 mins the part curling and coming off the bed..had to kill the print, twice.  I looked at the code and found out after about 10 mins the temps were changing:
  the code below are lines 1100-on...why would the temps suddenly change mid print after a normal slice??
G1 X98.230 Y31.933 E733.15389
M104 S250 ; set temperature
M140 S110 ; set bed temperature
G1 F1800.000 E732.15389
G92 E0


  • Isn't 250°C a bit much for pla?

    Since you write in slic3r thread a assume you have set a different first layer temperature in slic3r configuration. SO after first layer it sets the temperature you defined for the rest of the print.
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    HI !
    Thanks for the response..I did set the temps for PLA at 215E/75B....as with all my other prints that have run great.... and have a start and end code specifically for PLA.  I have never changed/programmed temps during a run before.   All previous slices started and maintained the original temp settings through out the print using slic3r.  In this case, 10 mins into the print and around layer 15, the temp just jumped up to 215E/110B? I have never seen this before with the settings i have always used.  Once I changed the default temps in the printer settings to 215/75, i was able to finish the print fine.   I like Slic3r even though it has some limitations, it always seems to provide a good print path.  I just wish i could control the support feature because some times i end up with supports that are not necessary.   I just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this problem where the temps changed unexpectantly?
    Thanks for your help!!
  • The host only reads the sliced result back and does not alter it. SO if it has a temperature change the slicer must have added it. From the G92 E0 I also assume it is a layer switch and after first layer is the only place where Slic3r normally would change temperature. Just check the filament profile you used.
  • Great thanks for your help..I will see if there were any changes.
    Thank you !
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