Server & Raspberry Pi & Sonic Mini

I have four printers: Mega Zero, Ender 3, Sonic Mini, Sonic Mini 4k. I have Repetier Server setup on a Raspberry Pi 4. I've gotten Server running and the Mega Zero connected.

I have no idea how to get the two Sonic Minis going. When I try to use the config wizard, there are 50+ ports as options, and no guidance anywhere as to which port to use. I used a USB cable to connect the Pi to the mini but not sure what to select for config options.

I got the Mega Zero working by guessing which port to use, but when I try to reuse it, it warns me that the port is already in use.

I tried selecting /dev/path/by-path/... But I get an error saying fetching firmware data did not return expected response.

Is there anywhere to find what firmware, connection method, and port to use for given printers? I'm having a hell of hard time doing something that seems basic. I've checked the hardware specs for my printer, for my Raspberry Pi, and the repetier server documentation and can find no guidance on what to use for these three values. The only reason I got the Mega Zero working is I installed Marlin (so I knew its firmware) and I guessed at all the other settings.


  • In /dev/serial/by-path a new port should appeat when you connect it - that would then be the port for the printer. But aren't sonic mini stl printer? Server will only work with FDM printer/cnc that use a supported firmware. But we can not send images as required for STL printer with video projection, so these will not work.
  • Ahhh, I didn't know it didn't work with stl.

    Thank you.
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