static image in touch screen missing + bitrate setting of webcam can cause errors

- if both static and dynamic webcam data is enabled its not possible to switch to static image using the touchscreen of raspberry
- max webcam bitrate can be set higher than 1000 via touchscreen of raspberry -> seems the bitrate limit is actually 1000 and the browser webinterface behaves strange


  • Yes motion jpg is favoured over static images if both are available. Static image is mainly for timelapse videos and fallback if no motion mjpg is available. What is the problem with this? Especially locally on the printer there is no real problem with bandwidth.

    Bitrate has no limit. Just tested 5000 and 50000 as well, no problem to set it. Why do you think limit is 1000 and what do you mean with behaves strange?

    Just to be clear - the bitrate is not for the webcam - it is the bitrate for the created video when you make a time lapse. So the values do not change anything in any web interface.
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    I tried to set the bitrate to 2000 and it stays at 1000. So I assumed 1000 is max?

    Works now. I dont know what went wrong. Thanks!
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