Smoothieware telnet connection and repetier?

If I connect serial to /dev/ttyACM0, RH works perfectly. If I change to a network connection and tell it the IP address of the smoothieboard and port 23, it appears to work with manual controls operating correctly, but when I start a print it will frequently send a couple of segments to the printer, then pause, either forever or sometimes just a few seconds then start again (drooling ABS while sitting there).

Should talking to the telnet interface work as a networked printer, or is telnet just too weird to operate consistently?


  • I have tested this with reprapfirmware and there it is working great. But it requires a stable connection between host and printer so best is to have an ethernet cable so it does not depend on wifi which can cause easily problems. Laso it is better to use  Repetier-Server instead. Server will automatically reconnect and continue print if connection drops.
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