Communicatio error - reset send buffer block error - CNC Machine

Hi guys, 

I'm currently experiencing some issues with my CNC machine using Repetier Host V2.1.6.
Everything seems to work fine untill it exceeds the 20x20cm parameters. I however, have the settings much wider. 
There's nothing wrong with the hardware, firmware or software. There are no other errors, everything is updated. 

I'm using Bigtreetech TFT35-E3 V3.0 with a Bigtreetevch SKR PRO(V1.2) motherboard. 
Anyone any insights on what i'm doing wrong? 

See error below:

Thanks in advance


  • The log ha sonly essential informations activated so hard to say what is going on. Timeout means a "ok" from firmware was not received so it waited and than assumed it was lost and sends next command. Nut ack/commands are disabled so it is not even clear if that is the problem. Can you trace the problem down to 1 command that you send or is the problem random? You say it happens when you move outside allowed area so maybe firmware stopped responding due to that. Activate all in log then you might see more informations.
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