Add inverse function into GPIO Pins

Hi! GPIO Pins - great function, thx for it! Can you add an checkbox for inverse output.
i have an questions, also. What the url for icon? I mean it is an web url or ...? Will be great if i will can upload it in the window. Or, for example, in home assistant i can use icons from i need just in text box input the ID of an icon like printer-3d-nozzle and it will be use the icon.


  • Have put it on my todo to add inverse so on is off.

    url is any reachable web url. This can also be a file you copied manually into a custom www directory (you can add a shadow directory in server where you put your web files. I think I will add that for next release as well to be in storage directory so it gets easier.

    You can not use a class name for a font. You need a separate svg file for that icon, which is normally also offered.
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