modifying webui

i am looking into add a button to my printers for turning on and off the power in the web ui,
i have found where is a way to add buttons to the touch ui but is where a way to do it to the webui


  • Yes, but depends on how you turn them on/off? You can add external command to extcommands.xml and say they should appear as button in either global or printer menu. You can also define web actions or gpio actions that add a menu entry globally or in a printer. They all appear in touch and regular web gui.
  • i am planing on using af shelly 1 that can be turn on with a http request, i would like to see if it is on at the same time becouse one of printer is on from the power from usb but cant print with that 
  • Ok, so you would use web actions to enable it over your plug if you know the url.
    We can not know if a plug is on or off. What you can do is not power the printer with usb so it will only appear online if it has power. If you do not know or can do it on the printer board see at bottom how to tape 5V line so board gets no power from pc. Then the connected state shows if you have power.
  • i can see that i can add an icon to my command in extcommands that if i have a script update the icon fil depending on if the printer got power or not from shelly?
  • No it is only one icon so not possible to show state.
  • So if i change the icon file it will not show the new icon automatikly? And I am not talking about change the path in extcommand.xml but changing the icon file?
  • You mean as described in the branding server document. You need to reload webpage. If you also changed the xml file where the shadow directory is you need also restart server to make it use the folder.
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