print auto start

I just upgraded to the latest version after being many versions behind (on purpose) now when I bulk add gcodes to a printer's print queue it auto starts one of the gcodes. This is not the function of previous versions. Is there a way to turn this off. 

I keep all my gcodes in a structured folder. That folder is added under registered folders.

I then go to a printer and use the arrow down next to direct print to access the folder. I browse to the group of gcodes I want then click print all.

Previously it would just add all those gcodes to the print queue of that print.

Now it adds them all and tries to start printing one right away. This is the function that I DONT want to happen and its really a useless function. I need to be able to pick which file added to the queue I want to print.

So is there a way to turn off this '"Auto Print" function when adding a file to a printer?


  • I see what you mean, also that is the expected behaviour. At several places e.g. in  Repetier-Server Monitor you can now say print or queue. Print means print if queue is empty and queue is just add it. When more then one is selected or queue is not empty it should be queue, if only one is selected you should be able to select new. Will update for 1.0.5.
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