The manual display Z axis position turns red after hitting 100mm

I've been defining the new printer I just built and the printer definition says the Z axis maximum travel is 202mm. When I manually move the Z axis it shows the Z position in black right till it gets to 100mm, then turns red. It still correctly reports the position, but what reason does it have to change color? Obviously this isn't a critical issue, but I am curious. (I just downloaded the software this morning, so it is the latest version).


  • Red is you moved outside defined dimensions so position might be incorrect or not homed. I think you have defined in host printer configuration a different z height and you left it.
  • Maybe RH didn't update the value it had saved internally when I changed the printer definition. Just tried it again after booting the system and starting everything from scratch, and it is now willing to go all the way to 202 without turning red. I definitely set it to 202 in the printer shape page. It was still 202 when I restarted everything just now.
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