Print fails after some time with "Error code: STATUS_BREAKPOINT" then "500 Internal Server Error"

My prints keep failing after different amounts of time.  The web view of Repetier-Server gave me this message "Error code: STATUS_BREAKPOINT".  Then when I try to reload the page it says "500 Internal Server Error" and "nginx/1.14.2".  I have to reboot the Raspberry Pi before I can do anything.  Any ideas?

I am running this on a Raspberry Pi 3B.  I have disconnected my other printers and still get this error.  I'm printing on my custom built machine: 350x395x460 BIGTREETECH GTR v1.0 board, using USB.


  • Strange:  I changed the power supply to the Raspberry Pi and it may have solved the issue.  I was able to finish a print on each printer simultaneously!  However the Pi never said it had a power issue with the old power supply, but with the new power supply it constantly says low voltage, even through it didn't crash a print.  I will keep observing and testing...
  • Yes, that is strange. But I handle it as solved for now until it comes back. Power problems are a real problem for pi. You might want to remove 5V of printer as shown here:

    to reduce dependence on printer power and reduce consumption on pi side a bit.
  • After another day I am still getting the crash and errors.  I installed a new power supply and still receive the voltage and cpu warnings, and it still randomly crashes.  I'm moving to a Pi 4 and will post results.

    When I was only running the single printer that has a jumper on it's motherboard set to not use USB power, I was still getting the errors.  Even with the webcam disconnected I was still getting the errors.  I may try the 5V power isolation later.
  • You might want to backup /var/lib/Repetier-Server and install a new image. If the sd card has a defect it might happen when a code part on the defect sector needs to execute. Also always remember to always cleanly shut down pi before unpowering or sooner or later your sd card gets some defects. Not necessary the reason but since power becomes unlikely that is an other frequent reason for unpredictable problems.
  • A backup is a great thing, good note!

    The Pi 4 has been running with no problems.  I believe the issue was the power on the Pi 3B+.  Also, I'm now sure the older printer was causing a USB power issue as well.  When plugged in, it would not allow the Pi 4 to boot up.  Once I disabled the USB power pin for the older printer, the Pi 4 boots fine.  My problem may have been both the power supply for the Pi 3B+ and the older printer USB power pin combined.

    I believe the problem has been diagnosed as a power issue and has been solved.

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