Document for configuring external access to server

is there one actual document that covers configuring repetier server external access? seems like i am finding bits about the server, then some bits about the host and then the app, but i can't find one single updated document that covers windows 10, port forwarding or NAT for the router.  I have done everything i can think of and find and still can't reach my server from outside my network,  Inside everything including the camera is perfect.


    is our faq entry. But there so many different routers that we can not go into too much detail. But it shows at least several options depending on your connection.
  • thank you, that that is what i used and setup a duckdns account which according to AmazonAWS and IPchicken, DuckDNS is incorrect, so just basically going straight to IP for now
  • You need a app on one of your computers that send the ip for your account or duckdns will not update to correct ip.
  • do you mean the DuckDNS updater service that updates every 5 min ? i have that running and don't quite trust it.
  • Yes, that is what I meant. You can also use dyndns solution supported by your router. It does not really matter which one you use.
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