Webcam works on Repetier-server Pi dashboard but doesn't work in Repetier-Host

So, everything seems to work great except for the webcam in Repetier-Host.  Thoughts?

My setup: Repetier-Server Pro 1.0.4 running on a Raspberry Pi 3B.  Pi is connected via ethernet.  Two printers connected via USB and one webcam connected via USB.  The webcam is for printer #1 and is associated with it.

To my knowledge everything works great so far!  I love Repetier!  The webcam works with no problem via HTML Dashboard.  But, in Repetier-Host v2.1.6 in Windows 10 the webcam doesn't work.  When I click the webcam icon on the top ribbon it opens a new window, but displays nothing.  When I check the box 'Show Webcam' in the 'Manual Control' tab it does nothing.  Eventually the log says something like webcam failed to respond.

Any ideas?


  • In some cases it does not work and I have fixed it for 2.2 coming soon. You can already download a pre release if you adjust the download link to test if we fixed it correctly.
  • It randomly started working after 3 days.  ThanX
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