Rapid deployment of remaining filament.

The idea is simple.
One parameter, grams of filament per coil.
One button, restart remaining filament.
One behavior, each print subtracts grams of filament.

Every time you change the coil, you touch a button on the interface to restart the filament countdown.
You add jobs to the queue ...
When you try to add a job that exceeds the remaining filament a sign warns you, you can add or cancel.

Ready, you have a job queue that can be printed with that coil. Forget about calculating the grams of filament remaining after each print.

Let's improve it a little more:
A parameter to set behavior before the end of the coil:
1- Pause printing in the middle and wait for user resumption. (Especially useful for printers without a filament end sensor or for those like me who are lazy to go around connecting it).
2- Another option, do not allow reel change in the middle of printing. Warn before starting the next job in the queue that the current coil will not finish the job.

Another very necessary functionality for those of us who have farms:
Send to print and multiply job in queue X times.

I think that it is something easily implementable for each printer.

In a next stage we could see on a repeating monitor the grams of filament remaining in each machine. A global view of queued jobs is also required.

I think it is necessary to put more emphasis on software thinking about print farms before the next release of prusa software to control farms.


  • A bit like our material management will work. We want to define sample rolls and rolls you have and subtract filament used. When there is not sufficient filament it will warn. With the integrated slicer we plan we also want to enable you to define wanted filament type/roll type so it also warns if you have wrong filament type loaded.

    Summing queue is ok and will be added, but there is no guarantee this is all meant for same spool so that is nothing we assume. More over with multi color printers it is important to split filament usages to the correct rolls and here e.g. Prusa gcodes can be non calculateable (we assume first extruder here) when they ask for which filament to use with mmu.
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