Group of Printers

Being able to create groups of printers so that they receive the same file to print.

Very useful for those who have multiple printers. In my case 9


  • * Feature Request

    That the group can be generated in Repetier Monitor so that it can group printers in different Raspberrys

  • Do you know that you can already share a gcode directory with other printers on same server instance? In printer settings uncheck "Use own g-code Directory" and uploading to one printer shows it in all printers.
  • Yes, but it is not very useful.

    If you have a farm, it is best to have the files in a repeater instance on your Windows PC. This allows you to upload and modify files quickly. And all the Raspberries connect to that instance to download the job and print it. Apart from that the processing is done on the PC.

    Anyway, my requirement is not that.
    It is tedious to check the button of 10 machines every time you want to print the same thing in all of them. Better to create a group that represents sending the same work to all of them with one click.
  • I see what you mean. Need to think about it especially since monitor has no projects at the moment and that is the only function where groups make sense as far as I can say.
  • Yes, integrating it into Repier Monitor would be great.

    But with it being integrated locally to each instance is already a good step forward. 1 click is better than 3, 3 clicks is better than 10.

    You could create a "Virtual Printer" within the Gcode print menus whose only function is to represent a group of printers previously set.

    Maybe even easier ... a strip of buttons in the Gcode print window that all you do is check the button of that group.
    Something like those select / deselect all menus.
    And take advantage of this new location to place a ... Multiplier !!!

    Imagine sending the same file 10 times to each of 8 different printers in the easiest way. That's the idea.
    Thing that the user only has to clean the bed and continue the queue.

  • I think the group stuff goes too far here. Maybe a select all free printer online selection.
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