general problem with determining print temperature

Hello everyone,

Today I purchased Repetier Server Pro and I have a problem with printing through the repetier server. By starting the printout via Repetier Server Pro, the hotend heats up to 285 C, hotbed to 120 C where in G-CODE it is specified at 230 C(hotend) and 75 C hotbed.
I cannot stop heating until the wrong temperatures are reached.

What could be the reason for incorrect determination of the print temperature by RepetierServer?
Printer of own design marlin 2.0.5, PrusaSlicer 2.3 slicer


  • In printer menu go to "printer setup" - not printer configuration. There you can set a temperature offset and I guess it is not 0 in your case so server adds that to temperatures in your gcode.
  • UFF, thanks a lot, I thought it was at fault somewhere else
  • So it works now I guess. Can you say if you entered the 55 offset your self? It never happened to me that it was set other than 0 after creation. Also if you did this, what did you think what you are defining? Maybe the descriptions are not clear enough.
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