Sum grams of filament on queue and other tricks.

The general idea is the following.

Being able to queue as many prints as possible up to 1kg of filament.

That is why I wish to propose:
1) Post processed that calculates grams of filament, or read it from the Gcode (cura writes it and I suppose other slicers do it too) or if this is very complicated, the possibility of setting this in the library files.
More: Read print time from the Gcode and show it in the library and other useful parameters.

2) Print queue that adds the grams of the current print and that of the queued jobs.

3) Limiter of jobs in queue. Only jobs can be added up to 1kg or the set limit.

4) The big trick. Send next job in queue reading the status of any of the parameters. For example, if from the printer I set the fans to 100%, start the next job in queue.
This is useful to clean the bed and start the next one without having to touch the PC or the cell phone.


  • 1) we calculate that already our self so we are independent and work with all slicers. But you need to select the filament type so weight is correct. We plan a material management so that would be part of it then.
    2) Adding what you have in queue is a good idea.
    3) Also I would not limit it. This is just your use case, but others might just want to add all they need to print and know they have to switch filament. But when you see what is in it you can stop your self.
    4) Quite special to combine it with fan. But adding a @startNextPrintInQueue server command might be useful. With the already existing firmware response parser you can add that command on any firmware response you want. Might also be useful in other cases.
  • Hi! Can you specify exactly where to put the @startNextPrintInQueue command so that it automatically prints all the files added to the queue?
  • That is the wrong command in this case:


    Starts the next job in the print queue automatically as soon as the currently running job is completed.
    Note: This is intended for printers that clear the bed automatically, because otherwise it will be printed on the full printing bed, which can cause damage!


    Starts the next print in job queue if no print is running and a print is waiting. If a print is running, but paused it will act like the continue button.

    Since it only works when no print is running you want @autostartNextJob if it should continue directly (with no wait at all, so need autoclear bed function).
    It doe snot matter if you send it manually (then only for next print) or in finish or start job event commands. It just must be run before the print finishes to automatically start next job.

  • I tried again but couldn't get it to continue to the next file in the print queue.
    I have an Ender pro v2 printer (I think it's marlin the firmware), and repetier server on raspberry.
    I tried putting the command @autostartNextJob ; in: printer setting, event dependent, run before job, run after job, and run on continue, but when I finish with the first file, the rest are left in the queue without starting to print. <span>:neutral:</span>
  • Are you on 1.2.0? The name @autostartNextJob is introduced in 1.2.0, before only @autostart_next_job worked. Also did you check if the menu entry to disable autostart appears when you send the command manually?
  • edited June 2022
    Hi there,
    Same problem here,
    have the @autostartNextJob command in gcode from Cura 10times in a row as last command but it wont start the next print.
    Also have it like morpheus in the Printer settings to send event depend run after job 10times in a row.
    Nothing happens either when i type it manually in console.
    No entry to disable to autostart appears in menu.

    now i typed it in again manually and it started printing the next job!
    hope it stays like that or if i have to type it again manually.
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