With new Update its not possible to print anymore

Howdy Partner
New Update gives Errormessage.

"Firmware stopped".

Restart pi and printer does not help.
Any chance i can remove the last repetier update?


  • You can always just install the previous version.

    Firmware stopped comes from printer and is a request to stop communication. So if that should stop what is the message firmware is sending that it wants to stop? Go to console to see what. Eventually enable ack but I think the stop message is visible directly.
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    no backup ofcourse :D
    fixing it would be a option too tho

    "printer stopped - reset printer"
  • Yes, and as soon as I know what message it causes the faster I can help:-)
    You can change version in download link to download older versions.
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    i Did not saw ur message.
    Its not the Update. Its a bit time unlucky. Because after the Update it seems a cable broke.
    Cable to bed is broken:
    Recv:11:34:02.453: Error:MINTEMP triggered, system stopped! Heater_ID: bed

    Sorry for thinking it was the update. But it was at the right timing :D
  • No problem. And I see I was right that firmware requested it:-)
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