Where can I find api documentation for projects/folders?

I didn't find anything that was explicitly referencing projects, I *THINK* that the listFilesystemFolder and broseFolder endpoints may be what I need to explore, but I was hoping to get explicit confirmation. I'm hoping to write a FUSE interface for browsing/saving operations etc, taking a very slightly lower layer approach similar to the one in repetier-monitor. However my workflow depends on projects which I put the stl and gcode in (I have several printers but all homogeneous), and a project allows me to target one/some/all of them without having to associate the gcode with a particular printer or go through Direct Print, and I would like to be able to have a similar uploading workflow as repetier-monitor gives me. (LOVE that piece of software btw) As a side note, I'm a recent customer and have fallen in love with repetier-server-pro and it's feature set. I was wondering if you had any sort of (quasi-)official submission mechanism for contributed code. I've also been working up a API client library (initially in Python but I hope to port it to Go as well) and I noticed a lack of language sdk's for the api, so I was hoping to help change that.


  • The API is incomplete in description. I'm currently rewriting it with better format and also more complete.

    At the moment best solution is to play in web gui with debug tools open. In network tab search the socket file (eventually reload when tab was not open on load). All project commands start with "project" so you can use that as filter. Then just do what you want to copy and see what happens in messages subtab. Basically there is a root folder for each server that you fetch and whose id you use to move deeper or to check project contents. All helper functions use the ids to fetch or manuipulate data.
  • Brilliant! That shines a light down the right path, thank you so much.
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