Would it be possible to add a simple counter of sorts, that would keep an inventory of what you've printed? Possibly with completed prints, and failed or stopped prints filtered out? And for only certain named files, or something like that? I'm having a hard time keeping up with what I have on hand, and need to print, compared to how many of each item I need for orders. <span>:smile:</span>


  • The pro version has a history where you see what was printed. If you prefix the file names you can sort by name in Repetier-Server Monitor or export history as csv and sort in excel. Or you just use it to see what belongs to which project faster.

    There are also some other helpers. If you have a bigger print project create a group for it and put all gcodes there. If you click on summary of a gcode you see how often it was printed, but aborted prints also count.

    We have a print queue. Since 1.0.4 added prints only get removed if print was successful or you deleted it. So put all gcodes to the queue then you know what files are still needing to be printed.
  • Yeah, I just began looking into that. Gonna play around with it. Thanks!
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