Problem Connecting Host to Server

I've been using Repetier Host to control a single printer for several months with no issues.  However, I just bought a second printer and I'd like to configure both of them to print simultaneously from a single Raspberry Pi running Repetier Server.  (eventually the goal is to expand to more printers controlled by more Raspberry Pis).  I have the Pi setup running server and I've gotten as far as controlling the printer from my desktop web browser.

The problem is I can't figure out how to control Repetier Server and the printer through Repetier Host rather than the web interface.  I find host easier to use and I need to be able to easily edit slicer settings and arrange multiple objects on the build plate.  

But they show a screenshot of the printer settings that does not look like what I see.  When I drop down the "Connector" option, I only see Serial, TCP/IP, and Virtual Printer.  There is no option for Repetier-Server.  I am running Host version 1.0.6.  This page: says that Repetier Host version 1.5 can connect directly to Repetier Server.  But I checked and 1.0.6 looks like it is the latest version.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Jack


  • Nothing, we are working hard and expect it to be released at the beginning of july. Documentation is just a few days ahead.
  • Oh, that explains a lot :)  I'm glad I'm not crazy.  I can't wait to see the next version!  Thanks for all your work!

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