Speed button for printers

Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to set dedicated speed buttons on the printer settings as how the 100% button.

I would like to add a 40% button and a 130% button along side the 100% button as I start my prints slow to make sure they do not mess up and then move the speed to 100 or 130..

Can you tell me if this is possible on the repetier server monitor software?


  • No you can not add extra values, only use the knob to enter it.
  • OK, is there plans on trying to implement something like this?  I know that in the settings you can have different settings for the heat for different materials such as PLA, PETG or ABS..

    Also, I have another question, on the latest repetier server monitor.  it does not have the option to start when windows starts..  is there a setting for that or was it removed and if so why>

  • The option was never there. But you can drag the file link to autostart folder if you want this. In basic settings you can set if it should reduce to task icons when closed and if to start minified.
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