Shutdown printer G-Codes not running as expected

When I get a fatal error from my printer running Klipper, Repetier Server receives the following messages in the console:
Recv:14:56:26.361: // Printer is shutdown
Recv:14:56:26.361: !! TMC 'extruder' reports error: GSTAT: 00000001 reset=1(Reset)
Recv:14:56:27.362: // TMC 'extruder' reports error: GSTAT: 00000001 reset=1(Reset)
Recv:14:56:27.362: // Once the underlying issue is corrected, use the
Recv:14:56:27.362: // "FIRMWARE_RESTART" command to reset the firmware, reload the
Recv:14:56:27.362: // config, and restart the host software.
And also on Repetier Informer it states: Print ... was stopped before it was finished due to the following fatal error: // Klipper state: Shutdown.

However the Shutdown printer G-Codes do not run.
How can I run G-Code when this issue occurs?


  • It would only run when idle call is activated or successful end. 
    I have changed this to run on fatal errors as long as rescue is not enabled.

    For now you could add in printer config a rule that parses firmware output and executes the same gcode. But that would be executed every time also when not printing so might a bit too hard since you can then not repair it with FIRMWARE_RESTART.
  • Ok thanks, great idea, I'll do that.
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