continuous printing

I would love to do that kind of stuff with my 2 Creality CR10s PRO V2 : 
Is there a plugin that provide continuous printing with insertion of gcode inbetween ? 
(I am still trying to figure out a way to use the same end filament detector, maybee with a Y at the plug of the detector to duplicate the signal to the pi)

Thanks for your help !


  • You can do this with  Repetier-Server which has a server command @autostart_next_job you can add at the end after clearing bed gcode. This will start next gcode in print queue. So just put all prints in queue and they will be printed in order. But clearing bed is not always that simple. Especially skirt and prime line might not get off that way. You can do that of course during print manually.
  • Not sure to get it all ... Can you point me to some more detailed explanations ?
  • There is no detailed docs for this subject. It also massively depends on your printer and clearing solution. The key is that you can put several files in our print queue which is the todo list for printing. If there are other gcodes waiting and during last print a  @autostart_next_job was send as command this tells the printer to automatically print the next print. When this is send the printe rmenu has an additional entry to undo that setting in case you detect that next print needs different material or why ever. So all you do is put in your end gcode the clear bed routine and finish it with  @autostart_next_job thats all.
  • Hi !
    I have tried putting @autostart_next_job at the end of the gcode in Cura, and putting several same files in the print queue of repeater server but the next printing does not start, what am I doing wrong?
  • That should do it. When successful you see in printer context menu a extra entry - "Disable Autostart of Next Print". 

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