How to set up the 3d printer to use 2 extruder

Hi, I just purchased 3d printer with two extruders one week ago and am have hard time to configure it so that it can use 2 extruder at the same time. the 3d printer manual wasn't that helpful because it shows the earlier version of Repetier software. at the moment its possible to add more than one stl file but the problem is assigning each extruder to separate stl file. any Suggestion??? Thanks in Advance  


  • The mac version was not written with dual extruder in mind. The windows host has. There you can group teh stls so they are always at same position and you can assign extruders to each stl. So if you have parallels, try that instead.
  • Thanks  a lot  for your quick response!!
  • Will the next version of the mac software be able to handle 2 extruders
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    I also have a strong desire for the two extruder handle implemented in the MAC version. Can already taken a declaration to the appearance?
  • Mac host will be completely replaced by Repetier-Server which will also get these functions this year. We are already working on the slicer editor.
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