Ender 3 stops during print


my Ender 3 Pro stopped printig because of disconnecting:

Send:11:23:12.158: N27913 G1 X145.561 Y28.863 E0.01626
Send:11:23:15.951: N27914 G1 X44.540 Y129.884 E3.95153
Send:11:23:15.988: N27915 G1 X44.540 Y129.295 E0.01626
Mesg:11:23:18.813: Connection closed by os during print ... trying reconnect for 10 seconds to continue ...
Mesg:11:23:20.926: Dtr: true Rts: true
Mesg:11:23:20.929: Connection continued
Send:11:23:20.941: M117 Layer 7/157
Recv:11:23:21.161: Printer reset detected:start
Recv:11:23:21.245: start
Recv:11:23:21.246: echo: External Reset
Recv:11:23:21.246: Marlin
Recv:11:23:21.246: echo: Last Updated: 2019-07-26 | Author: Ender-3 Pro
Recv:11:23:21.246: echo:Compiled: Aug 4 2019
Recv:11:23:21.247: echo: Free Memory: 10078 PlannerBufferBytes: 1232
Send:11:23:21.247: N1 M106 P0 S255
Recv:11:23:28.495: echo:TF init fail (2)
Send:11:23:28.496: @stopLog
Send:11:23:38.082: M117 Finished
Send:11:55:31.220: N2 M106 P0 S2

What is the problem here?


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