CR10S Pro globbing filament?

Here's an odd one that I can't figure out. I'm using repetier server to control 3 creality printers. Ender 3 pro, Ender 5 plus, and CR10s Pro V2. Both ender's work fine. But whenever I start a print to the cr10s pro, it seems like it's trying to push out insane amounts of filament. It globs on the build plate, and skips the extruder. The extruder is spinning way too fast. I've already determined it's not the slice, as I've taken the exact same gcode from 3 different slices, and ran them from the SD card directly on the printer with no issue. Try to print them from repetier server, and it does this every time. So I haven't been able to use the cr10s pro with repetier at all yet because of this issue.

I've checked the settings in repetier and can't find anything unusual. The volumetric extrusion is turned off which I assume is correct as it is off for the other printers as well. I don't know what else to check. The start gcode in repetier has nothing in there. What else is there?


  • If you are in relative extrusion mode and send absolute E position you get insane extrusions. So maybe slicer generates absolute and has no gcode to set printer to that mode?
  • This one seems to have been a slicer setting my e steps for some reason. They were set to 415 and I came up with something around 144 when doing another calibration. Don't know how it got set to that in the firmware, but it's fixed now.
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