Repetier and Klipper - /tmp/printer missing

I tried to get Repetier Server to work with Klipper about 18 months ago, but failed and had to go back to Marlin with my tail between my legs.  My current setup is a Pi 3b+ controlling any or all of 4 very different Marlin printers.

I see that there are now a lot of people that have managed to make the leap.  Repetier and Klipper is my ideal print setup but I'm still having problems getting it set up.

When I try to add a new printer, I select 'Klipper' as the firmware, 'Serial Connection as the connection method, but tmp/printer doesn't appear under Device / Port.

I think I've found the answer, (see screenshot) but I don't know how to implement it as my command line skills are virtually non-existent.  When it says to change or modify something, I don't know how to do that.

Could somebody please 'translate' these instructions from 'tech genius' to 'english speaking idiot' please?


  • Klipper is not using standard /dev paths, so they do not appear in the dropdown. Solution is just to enter the path /tmp/printer or with /var/lib/klipper manually in the port field depending on how you configured klipper. That is all.
  • Oh.  I didn't realise I could type in that box.  Thank you.

    So, if I'm reading you correctly, if I type in /tmp/printer and it doesn't connect, then I should try typing /var/lib/klipper?
  • You should set it to the file you configured in klipper. Default is /tmp/klipper but /tmp has problems with buster. But I'm quite sure I changed the permissions to fix that in our image.
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