Webcam appears to not work with .local URL

Adding webcams running on separate server (so spread the load) and the following URL works; but the following URL does not; http://camserver.local:8080/?action=stream.

Keep getting the red "no camera" icon.

If I try to curl to camserver.local from the repetier server however this works fine.

Running avahi on both servers and local mDNS appears to be working fine.

Any tips or ideas?

Thank you!


  • .local requires a client that supports zeroconf. Server it self uses linux for name resolution so I would expect anything linux can resolve to work. So if you run under linux
    ping camserver.local

    does it resolve the hostname?
  • Yes it does, see screenshot...!AhNBw81-jJ7ygdhw7gpMdxYQXdIk7A?e=iV52fD

    I did test that first.
  • Ok I did some more tests and it looks like the linux version can not resolve zeroconf host names even if linux it self can. From what I can see it comes from using musl instead of glibc. But we need musl for full static build so it runs on all linux versions. So for now you will need to enter the ip instead of local name.
  • Oki doki, thanks!
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