V2.1.6 Host displaying incorrect temperature

I am bringing up a A30T, I already have a Prusa i3 and works fine for years.  I have two laptops (Acer and Lenvo; Acer running win7 Lenovo running win10).  Both machines are running version V2.1.6 although the Acer machine install happened at least a year or more ago and the Lenovo happened this week.  The Acer machine works fine with the Prusa i3 (actually a Geeetech) and all the temperature displayed on the manual control page are correct (and have been since I use this machine & printer for quite some time).  The Lenovo machine I've been using to bring up the A30T and it too works fine, all the temperatures are displayed correctly.  If I use the Acer machine with Win7 to control the A30T the extruder temperature is usually incorrect, however reviewing the gcode coming back with ACK enabled the temperature is correct, just displayed wrong on the right screen that shows x/y/z/extruder controls and such.  Example instead of displaying 218C it is reporting 122.9C.  If I increase the temperature a degree or two the PC will ding indicating the temperature has been reached but the temperature on the display is 122.9 (and the gcode coming back is correct).

Again,  this happens on the laptop I've been using for years without issue with my smaller printer but on the bigger printer it's failing the temperature display.  The Lenovo machine works fine.

Same version of Repetier-Host.

What am I doing wrong??



  • What is the temperature report in console? Might be that this printer reports a new or unknown format that is parsed wrong. Also it is strange that it would work correct on a different pc. You have no options for parsing so same host would parse on all machines the same, except if you are using Repetier-Server instead - then the server is interpreting the temperatures. Lately there were firmware having a bad double repeat bug causing wrong temperature reads. Server has a fix for it, host not, so that might be a reason.
  • when the issue arises, I've found shutting down Repetier Host but leaving the heaters on when asked to shut them down.  Then I relaunch Repetier Host and the correct temperature is displayed.  Still have to do more testing, but it looks like I have to have the printer on and connected to the Acer laptop before launching Repetier Host.  It is an old laptop (circa 2013) but so is the Lenovo and yet the Lenovo works fine.  Very weird.
  • After some additional testing, the reported temperature fails on both laptops so this isn't a laptop hardware issue.  I did determine the issue with host.  The Geeetech A30T printer sends back three temperature readings when issued a M105 command.  Here's an excerpt of the display during a print with the hot end (single hot end) set for 214C and the bed set for 60C.

    ok T:212.3/214.0 B:47.9 / 0.0 T0:212.3 /214.0 T1:142.8 /0.0 T2:121.3 /0.0 F:100 R:100 @:0 B@:0

    Notice that T0:212.3 /214 is correct but T1 and T2 temperatures are more or less no-ops.  
    Geeetech confirmed this with me.

    Is there a patch that could be had to have Repetier Host only look at the T0 reported temp.  What is displayed is the T1 value, I've confirmed that.  There is a "1" next to the hot end icon on the Repetier control window but no way, that I can see, to have that report one of the 3 T's being reported back.

  • That output is for 3 extruders with temperature. But I see that this is a mixing extruder so how does it solve selecting different colors? Marlin and Repetier-Firmware use virtual extruders for this and in host you can select mixing extruder so host knows there is only one heater. Otherwise it assumes you have 3 extruders with 3 different temperature controls and then it shows all 3 of them. 
    Are there always spaces before /? For T: it does not look like that.
  • This is copied from the log window;
    14:52:21.852 : ok T:55.7 /214.0 B:33.5 /60.0 T0:55.7 /214.0 T1:95.3 /0.0 T2:109.4 /0.0 F:100 R:100 @:0 B@:0
    14:52:22.866 : ok T:56.1 /214.0 B:33.3 /60.0 T0:56.1 /214.0 T1:95.0 /0.0 T2:109.2 /0.0 F:100 R:100 @:0 B@:0

    when slicing (Cura or Prusa) the extruder is selected with the T0, T1, T2 gcode (tool select).  I'm going to ask Geeetech to get the source code (it's not on their site).  Others have asked for it too but I'm not sure why Geeetech isn't sharing as freely as other controller cards they've made.  This one is based on the STM32F103 processor unlike previous controllers that used Atmel processors.  I would think sending out the value that is depicted in T0 for T1 and T2 would be a work around for now and probably not that difficult.

  • In Repetier-Server you can say extruder x is temperature controller and let all reference T0. In host you need to check mixing extruder and I think the same happens. Not 100% since I don't have one.
  • Repetier Server addresses the issue like you described.  Host there is no work around that I can see.  I was not using Server but after I installed and toyed with it a bit I like and use it now.  I have a pc connected to my printers and have Repetier Host and server running.  I then can monitor everything with ipaddress:3344.  Works good.
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