rpi server not staying on WLAN

Just setup a new instance of rep-server for another handful of printers for my business. I am able to connect to the Pi over AP and edit the region/time and WLAN settings. It connects and I'm able to access it via local network IP. After 3-4 minutes though, sometimes sooner, it drops that wlan and reverts to being an AP. I've followed all documentation, including the new youtube videos, but to no avail. What am I doing wrong here?


  • If you have a touchscreen set ap to never enable. Then server will not switch when it does not see the wifi and will instead try reconnecting. If you do this without second way to connect you get into problems which is why ap is activating after all. If you can also add ethernet cable if in trouble you can do the same.

    Also login via ssh and run 
    to see band width and signal strength. If it is low you might have it switching.

    There is also one thing I like to check for next image/version if that can cause false disconnects. But normally if connection is good it comes back as soon as wlan is visible to pi.

    Make sure region is set correctly as well. In case router switches channel to one that is not available in default region you also loose signal.

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