Firmware error + Runout Filament Signal


I am using repeteir server to control a Anycubic Chiron.

Often I get this message:
"Firmware stopped! You can only send host and shell commands until you hit emergency stop or restart the printer. (996)"

And then I loose the print.
I have 2 different installation (serve+printer) and both randomically give me this error.
Do you have any idea on what I can do to solve this situation?

if the printer ends the filament the runout sensor is not kept in consideration and the print go forward without filament.
Can you suggest how to solve?




  • Enable logging and check end of print log when that happens. Firmware stopped! means firmware said it stopped for some reason and server is just stopping because printer asked for it. Normally a line beginning with !! which is the firmware stopped due to severe error message signal.

    Guess it is is the same as with the Anycubic Mega I3 that firmware does not report end of filament. For next 1.0.4 I added GPIO support so I can connect the switch to a pi pin (if you are using a raspberry). Then server checks the sensor it self. Problem is you need to send a message so server is able to see it. And these chinese printers do not do that always:-( 
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