Marlin progress out of sync

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The Printer (tronxy x5s pro) with (  always seems to finish 95% before repetier server does , then server is hung @ 95% unless I stop it , but then sometimes the next print never goes to the printer even when it has status ready so I have to delete the print and power cycle marlin  auto home and resend new print

print never seems to be received/started  unless I do auto home first , even if I have g code to perform homing

another issue is if I stop print on marlin , repetier server keeps the print trying to go , so I have to stop from repetier server then go to marlin then stop the print?


  • Can't say much to this without knowing more. First are you using latest server version 1.0.3? There had been problems at the end of a print and that release is known to have the issues fixed.

    When a job does not finish it is not possible to start next one, so question is why it does not finish. Is it a command blocking or a bug. So if it is not an old version please activate logging and show the end of the log so I can see what is going on there.
  • Host 2.1.6
    Server version 1.0.3

    even some settings like speed between these seem to get out of sync (if host is not hung)

    how do I get server to show log , I have host running logs but it seems to hang a lot on large prints

    click print , server starts printing but host stays frozen  for quite some time

    Printing a temp tower now and will see if it does it

  • First control using web gui, only there you have the tools to fix and analyse the problem. In printer context menu select logs - there you can activate logging and later download the log. Also it is more interesting if that gui says it is printing or not.
  • so "enable log communication while printing" ?  or also enable "idle"
  • "enable log communication while printing" should be enough. After all it does not finish so in the end it is still writing there.
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