object placement

I am trying to fix a problem in Slic3r, when I import an object I place it at a coordinate. When I slice it in Slic3r, the first thing that happens is the object moves 30mm in the x. How do I get this to stop?


  • What version are you using?
    For me it stays the same because in command line
    09:52:56.441 : Slic3r command:C:\Users\littwin\Documents\Projekte\Repetier-Host\src\RepetierHost\bin\Debug\Slic3r\slic3r-console.exe --load "slic3r_settings.ini" --dont-arrange -o "composition.gcode" "composition.amf"

    The --dont-arrange tells slic3r to not move position. Check if you have that also when calling it. With default settings under windows this is the case, but in older version (selectable in slicer manager) this might be missing because the option did not exist.
  • I am running a version 1.3.0 from long before I thought of repetier. When I installed repetier host, is this the slicer host chose?
  • Current host is using 1.3.1 so that may have changed in between and be part of the problem. Also that it is 1.3.1 for several years already so no versions to distinguish. So please try the slic3r bundled with host (set executeable to empty in manager)
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