where is the printer config file stored?

I am using windows 10 to access my Repetier server on a local network and have created a backup file of the printer config but I do not know where it was saved.


  • Everything is stored below "C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\" - printer configs are in configs folder. But best is to use Repetier-Server Monitor to make backups. Backup also works for the free version.
  • I am using version 1.03 and everything in the Repetier-server folder is very old. Maybe it needs to be updated? I do not know how to update the folder.
  • What do you mean everything is old? Date changes when a file is changed so folders are dated from creation date. Configs might be newer if you changed some settings. But that is the folder in use when server runs under windows. If you just access a version on linux (e.g. raspberry) you have to check the folder there. 
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