Group default invalid character


When I want to upload file from my slicer, i've seen a character error on the group selection field. default is written "Défaut"

is it prusaslicer or Repetier-server fault ?




  • Is that an own group or should that be "Default" group? Just checked on my mac connected to pi and I see Default correctly. What os combination is in use here?

    All names should be send as UTF-8 so it works on all os the same. If it is a group of you containing non ascii it might be prusaslicer using a different font for viewing. But the original "Default" is  ascii only and must be identical on all devices.
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    I've the same issue on android application RC Repetier Server Pro by Andreas Reitberger. Can it be related to repetier-server locale ?

    My locale are in french.
  • Actually the default group has the real name "#" and gets replaced by the viewer in native language or not. Just checked RC Server Pro - did only see it if file selection and there it was # not default.

    For linux locale is C. On windows not. So again where do you run Repetier-Server?
    When you are in regular GUI do you see the correct Name?

    For testing I switched PrusaSlicer to french. Then Default becomes "Dèfaut". More similar to what you see. Since server sends # that name comes from PrusaSlicer and it is most likely a problem with charset. Either in translation file it is wrongly encoded (also it is working for mac) or decoding in your os uses wrong encoding. Have you updated prusaslicer to latest version? I remember a similar problem with russion text in one of the prusa threads.
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    Ok, so issue is with french language. If i swith prusasclier to english. It works. If i change it back to french, it failed.

    Server (pro 1.0.3) is on debian 10. prusasclicer (vers 2.3)  is on windows 10.
  • Ok, guess on windows it is not using a utf-8 font encoding so ´e become 2 chars. That is a typical encoding issue, but in this case upload should still work I think since it is mapped to '#'.
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