G4 issue?

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I'm trying to time the bed cooling at the end of printing using the G4 command.
Using Klipper I am forced not to use the S option in the G4 command, as unfortunately it only supports P (milliseconds).
This is an example of an end g-code:

M140 S90
G4 P180000
M140 S80
G4 P180000
M140 S70
G4 P180000
M140 S60
G4 P180000
M140 S50
G4 P180000
M140 S0 ; turn off bed

The problem is that Repetier Server interprets those milliseconds (P) as if they were seconds and the print time estimate is completely compromised.
For example if a print lasts 10 minutes it gives me an estimate of over 150 hours.
Obviously if I remove this sequence of commands the time estimate is correct.


  • Uploading only your above code gives a printing time of 15 minutes which is correct. P gets interpreted correctly as milliseconds at least in my version. Which version do you use and what time do you get with only that gcode and no extra instructions?

    Maybe an other parameter in server settings is wrong like max. speed - had that for repetier-firmware with autodetection to be set wrong and it caused high times.
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