Repetier Host not "seeing" printer in COM Ports.

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Hello all, I have an ANet A8 printer, bog stock, a few years old. 

I am having an issue with Repetier Host in that it does not "see" my printer when I connect it to my PC. I am running an old Pentium 4 computer running Windows 7 that I have and would prefer to keep it that way. I have done the "unplug and refresh" method and no COM port appears or disappears in that process. I have set the software up as I have done with prior computers, with checking the "ping pong" box and setting the Baud rate to 115200. When I plug the printer in I get the usual "drivers not available" prompt and am able to look at the printer in Device manager as a "USB 2.0 Serial device." I have tried other USB ports, and a hub to see if that changes anything and no dice. 

The printer is confirmed to work a Core Duo laptop and previously a Core2Duo laptop (that died) through this method, but Repetier doesn't want to play nice with either of my Pentium 4 computers.

Any advice or things I am missing?

Thanks, AfterDark3


  • In windows 7 you need to manually install the usb driver for your printer to make it appear. Otherwise it appears as unknown device. So check the anet homepage for the appropriate driver. If you know the driver you might also find alternative sources, e.g. many drivers are included in the arduino ide since many just use the same source for serial.
  • hi All, i have basically the same problem but win 10 and in the process off flashing  but can't find my anet A8 motherboard being recognized by the IDE (anet 1.5 )
  • Same here I guess. Check hardware manager if the device is known and has a driver or not. As long as the driver is unknown (even W10 does not know all drivers) com ports do not appear and device is unusable.
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