1x RPi 3 + 2x Prusa i3MK3S+ = Layershift?


i bought a license of the repetier server and it runs on a RPI 3 connected to a 7" Touchscreen and it operating 2 Prusa i3mk3s+ but I have a problem.

After a while i get a layershift on the prints, if I start it from the SD not connected to the Server everything is fine.

Now is my question is the RPi 3 not powerful enough, should I upgrade to a RPi 4? Do you have any recommandations? 



  • This is not a question of cpu power. It also no error on server side. Server just sends the moves to the printer. The printer firmware computes speeds in a way that no layer shift should happen. I say should because if you configure max. speed or acceleration too high it might loose steps in critical situations and of course if you hit an object (where it warped up or a blob) you also loose steps. As a first solution disable silent mode in prusa printer (makes motors stronger and allows crash detection) and enable crash detection. This at least detects some lost steps and rehomes xy in that case and continues.

    But recently I also got sometimes a shift which never happened before so wonder if they changed something in firmware (did update recently) or slicer settings. In slicer with their configs they explicitly set some physical parameters like acceleration.

    In any case it is no server power problem. The path planning in printer firmware even considers that no moves follow and slows down to not loose steps. 
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